Pau Auguiló

Pau Aguiló (b.2002) is a London based artist from Mallorca, Spain. Aguiló is currently enrolled at Camberwell, University Arts London undertaking a BA in Fine Art painting.

His turbulent formative years included experimentation with graffiti, abstract, collage and mixed media. Aguiló was raised in the Mallorcan countryside without any electronic devices, which pushed him to explore visual arts as a way to express himself. He began to use drawing as a visual playing field and creative form for his formative memories. After several tough teenage years in the city, where Aguiló would use graffiti in a rebellious and form of expression, he moved on his own to Ireland, to stay with an Irish family where he rediscovered drawing and created a deep interest in art history and painting. On his return to Spain, Aguiló continued painting in an abstract style reflective of his experiences, which he has continued to explore in his studies in London.