Hettie Inniss

Hettie Innis is an emerging artist currently enrolled at The Royal College Art studying Fine Art in the Masters Programme.

Inniss work considers the concept of memory and uses it as a tool to navigate the complexities of identity within our growingly convoluted world. She is attracted to memory due to its formlessness, its capacity for perceived clarity, absence and ambiguity. Innis states that it is not definitive, and therefore she cannot subscribe rules to herself or the way that she paints.

These memories provide the necessary freedom to Inniss to liberate herself from internalized binary ways of thinking about identity. The canvas becomes a space of ever-growing openness and an opportunity for understanding. Her work grounds her to the spaces she occupies and allows her to query her understanding of herself from an individualistic standpoint. Innis questions: ‘how are my experiences shaped by the requirements of society around me; how much of me is truly me?’ These are questions she explore throughout her works and she takes comfort in knowing that there is no answer because this is where her creativity truly thrives.