Fragments Exhibition Highlights

Fragments Exhibition Highlights

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That’s a wrap for Fragments, our second exhibition at Subtitle.

We appreciate everyone that came down and made the evenings what they were. It was great to see the community grow, engage with each other and celebrate art around them.

To have 12 artists from 12 nationalities was an incredible convergence of cultures and ideas. We were honoured to bring people together and exhibit artists that had never been seen in the UK before from Stoke, Seoul, Lagos to Philadelphia.

There are many highlight moments for us, including the evening with Stanford lecturer Melissa Jones-Briggs who brought amazing energy into the space and built on the concept of the exhibition of finding connections with each other. The exhibition also managed to raise funds and awareness for Arts4Dementia, a brilliant charity creating workshops for those with early dementia.

An enormous thank you to Omer Tiroche Gallery and the team for hosting us. It would not have been possible without them. Thank you to our amazing artists: Zeinab Diomande, Daisy Collingridge, Christopher Samuel Idowu, Cherry Aribisala, Hyun-min Kim, Renin Bilginer, Miyeon Yi, Alya Hatta, Adam Boyd, Nina Ogden, Koby Martin and Guillaume Ollivier. Our talented musicians: DJ Ari Houmous, Amy Adiaga and In the Land of Flava. Our sponsors: Something and Nothing, Sangria Solsueno and Solo Coffee UK.

If you an emerging artist, seeking education, mentorship and a platform to showcase your talents then please contact us at

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Daisy Collingridge
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Daisy Collingridge
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Zeinab Diomande
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