Subtitle is a curated platform for creatives and collectors.

Founded in 2022, Subtitle Labs is a nomadic, emerging art platform that provides opportunities and mentorship to creatives and collectors through international exhibitions, publications and exclusive original and limited edition works.

Subtitle seeks to discover, encourage and invest in emerging artists of all disciplines, enabling them to showcase the best version of themselves in an often intimidating art market.

Through these exhibitions Subtitle will empower artists to remain independent and be in control of their own narrative. The shows will enable artists to collaborate with other creatives and collectors, whilst being free to work alongside whomever they choose.

By creating a network of emerging artists Subtitle is building a community of collectors who can grow alongside the artists, collect their works and create a bond that goes beyond the investment of the pieces.

Each artist is carefully chosen, interviewed and selected based on the quality of their work and their passion. Every year each artist can nominate another artist to be a part of a subsequent show, thereby creating a chain-link of artist mentors and mentees. Throughout the years artists will be able to reach out to other artists from their chain-link for mentorship and advice on how to navigate the perils of the art market – creating a community, within a community.

Every year Subtitle will partner with organisations to bring awareness and raise funds for their platforms. Subtitle partnered with Stop Uyghur Genocide which focuses on grassroots campaigns to bring awareness to the crimes being committed against Uyghurs. A percentage of all of the works sold were donated to this cause.

Fragments, Subtitle’s second exhibition donated a percentage of the works sold to Arts4Dementia, a charity that impacts the lives of people living with dementia and those who care for them through art workshops.

Please contact us at hello@subtitlelabs.com if you are interested in working alongside us.